Scale, Simplify and Secure Your CI/CD Pipelines From A(PIs)-Z(ero Trust)

September 27, 2023 @ 10:00 AM PT

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GitOps Blueprints and Unified Application Networking for APIs with Weaveworks and Solo.

Developing microservice applications in today’s cloud native environment is often complex and difficult to understand. Access control model, deployment status, and service relationships are only some areas of concern. Now think about securing those applications with a Zero trust model, and it could start keeping you up at night. Shareable, self-service blueprints have become pivotal components as organizations shift from DevOps to Platform Engineering to scale and reduce the cognitive load. 

In a collaborative webinar between and Weaveworks, we look at how to reduce this friction using Weave GitOps and the Gloo Platform. We’ll explore how to seamlessly utilize self-service application blueprints, zero trust components such as authorization policies, and unified application networking for APIs and microservices.

Join this webinar on September 27th at 10:00 am PT to learn more about:

  • What a self-service application blueprint model is and why it’s important.
  • How to shift security left and enable zero trust with through policies and RBAC
  • The importance of unified API and microservice networking
  • The difference between Sidecar and Sidecarless service meshes 

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Ben Lilley

Product Manager at

Ben Lilley is a Product Manager at and lives in New Hampshire with his wife and family. Ben is obsessed with Kubernetes and all things cloud native! Prior to joining, Ben was a Principal Engineer specializing in public cloud and has held many engineering leadership roles in the healthcare and DoD industries.

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Steve Fraser

Principal Solutions Architect at Weaveworks

Steve is passionate about delivering quality resilient software with as little friction as possible. He likes to spend his time thinking about how to deliver flawless deployments allowing his customers to increase their application and infrastructure deployment velocity. Steve has extensive knowledge in containerization technologies in supporting, maintaining, and architecting.


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