Join the team for an exclusive, pre-event workshop during Kubernetes Community Day Australia 2023

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Part 1: Istio Ambient Mesh Workshop

Istio is the most widely used service mesh platform in the world for large-scale production deployments. In September 2022, Google and announced the release of Istio Ambient Mesh to the community. Ambient offers a revolutionary data-plane architecture that allows service mesh users to ditch sidecars. It slashes operational complexity and enables incremental mesh adoption, all while reducing cost and computational overhead within a service mesh.

Injected sidecars can be replaced by two new components. First is a node-level zero-trust-tunnel (ztunnel) that provides mTLS and Layer-4 capabilities. A service-account-level proxy called a waypoint leverages Envoy to deliver Layer-7 capabilities.

This workshop will help you understand both the why and how of Istio Ambient Mesh. It includes both sidecar and sidecarless labs, including on-boarding new services with and without sidecars and mixing Ambient with traditional sidecar-injected services. It will also provide pointers to further no-cost educational opportunities and user certification options.

Part 2: Gloo Platform

Gloo Platform provides many unique features on top of Istio, including:

  • multi-tenancy based on global workspaces
  • zero trust enforcement
  • global observability (centralised metrics and access logging)
  • simplified cross cluster communications (using virtual destinations)
  • advanced gateway capabilities (oauth, jwt, transformations, rate limiting, web application firewall, etc.)

This workshop will help you understand how Gloo Platform augments Istio capabilities and how to set up and onboard services onto Gloo Platform.

Register Now

1:30 - 4:30 pm
Monday, 21st August
Ivy Sunroom
330 George Street, Sydney NSW

As you build and scale distributed, cloud native applications, are you confident in your ability to secure and observe every connection in every direction?

Enterprise organizations entering the next phase of their cloud native maturity are turning to a service mesh to support complex security, observability and reliability needs. Join us the day before Kubernetes Community Day Australia – Monday, 21st August – for an in depth, hands-on workshop:

Fewer Moving Parts: Simplify Service Mesh Operations with Istio Ambient Mesh and Gloo Platform

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KCD Australia Welcome Reception

After the workshop, join us for the KCD Australia Welcome Reception back at the Ivy Sunroom  from 5:30-8:30  


Want to connect before the event?

We've worked with hundreds of organizations to  solve complex connectivity and security challenges for cloud native apps.

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