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Dallas, TX

When: June 1, 2023 | 9:30am – 4:30pm

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Hosted by Solo:AWS.png and AWS invite you to join us for Application Networking Days!  Start with equal parts API gateway, Kubernetes ingress and service mesh, then throw in security, observability, and multi-tenancy. The world of application networking is changing fast. Join us to learn about how Solo’s Gloo Platform (Built on Istio, Ambient, Cilium, and eBPF) deployed in your AWS environment can easily be used together to address some of your greatest business challenges.

This event includes one full day of practical and technical sessions presented by industry leaders and end users from across the cloud native ecosystem, demonstrating real-world outcomes saving organizations time and money. Those sessions are followed by live, hands-on workshops so you can try out the technologies as you learn their value.

Featured Speakers:


For questions regarding this event, please contact: [email protected]

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Christian Posta

Christian Posta (@christianposta) is Global Field CTO at supporting customers and end users in their adoption of cloud-native technologies. He is a member of the Istio Steering Committee, author for Manning and O’Reilly publications, open source contributor, blogger and sought after speaker on Envoy Proxy and Kubernetes technologies. Prior to, Christian was a Chief Architect at Red Hat, FuseSource and held engineering positions at organizations like Wells Fargo, Apollo Group, Intel.

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Louis Ryan

Louis Ryan is the new CTO at Louis joins from Google, where he was principal engineer and member of technical staff for 16 years. While at Google, Ryan was the co-founder of the Istio project, co-creator of the gRPC standard, and ran API and microservices infrastructure for Google consumer-facing APIs. Ryan will be bringing his experience and leadership in Istio to – accelerating adoption of the industry’s leading service mesh by the largest and most innovative enterprise companies.

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Lawrence Gadban

Lawrence Gadban is a Field Engineer at Lawrence works with organizations of all sizes to architect, adopt and operationalize Envoy, API gateways and service mesh into their application infrastructure. Prior to, Lawrence worked at USAA on their internal application platform using cloud-native technologies.

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Adam Sayah

Adam Sayah is Field Engineer at At Solo, Adam helps organizations build and operate robust cloud-native architectures. Prior to Solo, Adam held software engineering roles at cloud native technology companies, working on Managed File Transfers, Kubernetes, API gateways and service mesh.

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Luis Lopez-Soria

Luis Lopez Soria is a Sr Solutions Architect working with startups. He works with customers to help them scale their products and services across the AWS platform. He enjoys playing sports, traveling around the world, and exploring new foods and cultures.



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Featured Speakers

Join us to hear the latest on Istio and Istio Ambient from the leading experts.

Christian will be signing and giving away complimentary copies of his book Istio Ambient Explained at the event!

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Jordan Wyatt
Keynote: The Future of Application Networking
The shift to the Cloud-native 2.0 era requires us to apply new technologies and architectures to solve bigger challenges. Learn how the evolution of Istio, Envoy and Cilium will play a critical role in this next stage of cloud-native applications.
Christian Posta
Evolution of Service Mesh:
From Istio to Istio Ambient Mesh and beyond
Louis Ryan
Coffee Break

Secure, Scale, Simplify and Save with Gloo Platform
Application networking across Kubernetes ingress, service mesh and CNI 

Lawrence Gadban
Overcoming Observability Woes as You Scale Your Architecture Adam Sayah
Seamlessly integrate Gloo Gateway and Lambda functions in your Gloo environment
Luis Lopez-Soria, AWS
12:40pm Lunch
1:30pm Workshop: Introduction to Application Networking with Gloo Platform Adam Sayah
Coffee Break

Workshop: Get Started with Istio Ambient Mesh
(with Istio Ambient Mesh Certification) 
Lawrence Gadban
Closing Remarks 
Jordan Wyatt
4:30pm - 7:00 pm Dallas Kubernetes Meetup Networking Reception


What to Expect

These sessions and hands-on workshops will help your team:


Achieve Zero Trust security and compliance

by automating secure communications between applications

Reduce operational costs

across deployments, security and troubleshooting


Improve time spent

 on value-creating activities vs. undifferentiated activities

Reduce cost of

deploying new business value capabilities by accelerating application delivery


Reduce cost of downtime

 due to service availability and service decay